We first deceided that we wanted a Lurcher around 15 years ago but personal circumstances prevented it. Then in 2005 we were on holiday in Scotland when we meet a lady with what we thought was a lurcher. On speaking to her we found out that the dog we thought was a fully grown lurcher was in fact a 6 month old deerhound. That was how this started.

We saw Freya’s litter advertised on the 13th August, although she was a deerhound x wolfhound we knew at once we had to have one (the only problem was choosing from the 4 girls that were left). It would be 4 weeks until we could pick her up so we started to ‘puppy proof’ the house. Then on the 29th August we saw an advert for a deerhound lurcher. We contacted the breeder within an hour of the advert being listed and deceided that Freya would need a playmate so we got Freda. We travelled over 120 miles to pick her up on the 30th August and then on the 12th September it was time to collect Freya.

We are hoping that in the next couple of years once these 2 are a bit older that we might actually get a full deerhound. Until then we are more than happy with the 2 crosses that we have.

Freda & Freya Asleep Small

If I Hold You Down You Might Stay!

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