1st Anniversary

Apparently it’s my blogs 1st anniversary 🙂

I started the blog 5 days after we bought the first pup to serve as a record of them growing up. Well as you can see from the photo’s they have grown up quite a lot.

Last week we got some new arrivals, not more pups (we couldn’t cope) but some chickens. We are trying to grow some fruit and veg s thought that we might as well have some chickens as well to help us save money. You can read about my chickens here

Freda Then



Freda Now



Freya Then



Freya Now



Apologies in advance to my followers, there may be quite a few posts going on in the next few days. I was locked out of here for a while so couldn’t add any posts. Most are ready to publish just got to sort the dates out.

Training Classes

Sat here waiting to hear how Freya has got on at her first training class. My husband has taken her to a local dog training class as she won’t walk on the lead properly and recall!, well forget it! Freda is a lot better at walking and so we decided that for the first lesson, at least he would leave her at home. 

He should be back around 12.30 so I’ll let you know how she got on

Bad Pup!!

My husband was polishing the children’s school shoes this morning and left them in the living room while he went to sort out lunch boxes. He then noticed the pups playing with something in the garden, went to look and it was one of our 9 year old’s shoes.

To cut a long story short, one of the shoes doesn’t have a strap anymore! She’s now in school in trainers! Luckily my husband does leatherwork and he’s in the middle of reattaching the strap as I type.

We’re Back

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. Trying to cope with the pups, the children, running a business and the run up to Christmas left no time for the blog 😦

But, I’ve now got a bit more time to myself and I’ll try to get on more often.

The pups are now 6 and 7 months old and growing at a scary rate. This was taken last night when they settled down for the night.