Freda – Deerhound Lurcher

30th August first picture

This is in the car coming home.

We went and picked our new puppy up on Friday 30th August. Her name is Freda and she is a deerhound lurcher or more accurately a long dog, now 9 weeks old. Dad is a Scottish Deerhound and mum is mainly greyhound with a bit of deerhound and bearded collie in the mix.


3 thoughts on “Freda – Deerhound Lurcher

  1. The deerhound is a long established breed. They are thought to be shown on Roman pottery from around 1st Century AD. An interesting fact is that in Britain, during the Middle Ages, only the nobility could own and breed purebred dogs like Greyhounds, Deerhounds, and Wolfhounds. They are large dogs, upwards from 28″ to the shoulder. As Freda is crossed with a smallish greyhound we think she will only get to around 26″. Freya is deerhound x wolfhound and as the wolfhound is a bigger dog she may get to 28″ – 30″ (or even bigger) at the shoulder. And, thank you, we think she is beautiful as well.

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