Housetraining or Cat Training Which Is Harder?

As I’m writing this the pup is lying peacefully asleep on the floor and the cat is asleep on the window ledge. It’s raining outside so I know that’s not going to change for a while.

Fast asleep

Fast asleep

Calm Before The Storm

Calm Before The Storm

When they both wake up I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be different! Up until last night things were going well with both the housetraining and the cat training, and then it changed. We had a very good day with the pup; she put herself out several times to ‘do her business’. There were no accidents in the house and there were no confrontations between them.

Early evening the cat was sat on the chair arm and the pup decided that she wanted to play and jumped up at her. This resulted in a loud hiss and a swipe with the paw, this caused the pup to bark and then the cat to hiss again. It went on for about 10 minutes with some stern voices and stroking/soothing of animals. It then calmed down as the cat put herself on the window ledge out of the way then later went out for the evening.

Just before we went to bed, we did what we normally do and took the pup in the kitchen with the door open so she could go out. She decided that she would wee on the mat at the back door instead of going out. 10 minutes after going to bed we heard her whinging/barking. I went downstairs to find there had been another accident on the floor. She did go to sleep after that though.

Today, up till now anyway, the pup has gone out of her own accord and there has only been a very minor incident between the two of them. Let’s hope that lasts.


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