Housetraining – What Is the Best Way?

There are so many different schools of thought on housetraining that it’s hard to know which is the best.

Crate training is a method we didn’t even consider as we didn’t like the idea of fastening her up. Also, by my way of thinking, the crate would be in the house so I don’t think it would teach her anything. Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people swear by this method and have great success but it wasn’t for us.
Crate Training (Quick and Easy)

Puppy training pads are something we did try and now wish we hadn’t wasted the money. She has gone on them once but I’m certain it was an accident. All she did was either drag them around the house or tear them to bits. Also, you are again teaching them that it’s alright to go in the house.

The rewards system is one that seems to be working for us, well the reward system with treats anyway. We started by doing it with praise, “good girl” and lots of fussing every time she went outside. We thought at first it was working then realised that she didn’t seem to be that bothered about the praise. Treats on the other hand seem to be the way forward with her when she does something right. With the number of times that pups ‘go’ in a day, I cut a small treat up into 4 pieces so she’s not getting too many.
In the end though people need to decide for themselves which is the correct way to train their dog. Every dog is different and they all work at different speeds. I know that some dogs that are completely housetrained at 8 weeks and other that are 6 month old still aren’t. I read the other day that pups don’t have proper control of the bladder muscles until they are 12 weeks old, so we’re not giving up yet.

In the middle of writing this Freda started sniffing around so I took her to the door. Unfortunately it’s raining so she wasn’t that interested in going out (see photo). She did finally move though and did what she needed to and was rewarded with a treat.

Do I really have to?

Do I really have to?


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