Microchipping will be compulsory for all dog owners in England from April 6th 2016 and in Wales from 1st March 2015. In Northern Ireland it has been the law to have them chipped for over a year already but I have read that there are no plans for Scotland as of yet.

Information about chippings says:
• A small chip, the size of a grain of rice, is inserted between the shoulder blades of a dog using a sterile needle
• The procedure does not require an anaesthetic and is no more painful than a standard vaccination

They lied! Freda had her vaccination first and whimpered a little bit but with the chip she really cried. The vet had said it would be more painful that the vaccination but we weren’t expected that much discomfort for her. Whether it’s because of the type of dog she is we don’t know. Lurchers don’t carry a lot of fat on their bodies so that may have made it more painful for her.


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