Finally Found Time To Write!!

I said in a previous post that I didn’t realise how much work it would be with 2 puppies. Well, throw in trying to run a business (I make soap and skincare for a living) and 2 young children and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going at times! Actually I forgot the cat as well.

At the moment I’m working around 18 hours a day. If it wasn’t for my husband it would be a minimum of 22 hours. There’s always something to do! The pups have now both finished their vaccinations but we still have to wait another 10 days until Freya can go out. I don’t know whether it will make it easier or harder when they start going for walks.

Well, moan over, back to the pups as the blog is about them. They have both totally settled in, we get a fair bit of play fighting but we think they like each other really.

Cuddling Up

Cuddling Up

They quite often seem to copy each other even when they are asleep. Sometimes they look like a pair of bookends.




8 thoughts on “Finally Found Time To Write!!

  1. Hi – gorgeous puppies! As it happens, I have exactly the same crosses, Winnie (DH x WH age 4) and Blue (DH x GH age 8 years). Here are some pics which might give you some idea of what to expect. Both are 31″ to the shoulder; Blue weighs in at 36kg, Winnie has a bit stockier build at 38kg,

    Good luck with your dogs and I hope you can keep up the blog – it’s fascinating to see them grow and develop.
    Best wishes

  2. They are both rescue dogs – Blue was 12-15 months when I got him and he was more or less as he is now but skinnier. Winnie was 18 months and she’s grown an inch or so and 1.5kg since. However I do have a picture of Winnie when she was a few weeks old…..

    Here are a couple more recent ones…

    Best wishes

  3. We considered rescue ourselves but we have a cat and we thought that we would have more of a chance of the dogs not eating the cat if we got them young!

    The blog is going to continue as it’s our record of their developement. I’ve got some more of Freya when she was young, I’ll put them on tomorrow. Winnie looks a lot bigger than Freya was at a few weeks old.

  4. Guess who’s boss in my house! I have been lucky with all my deerhound lurchers (I’ve had 5 altogether over the years, all rescues). I had no idea if any of them were cat-friendly when I got them but I’ve never had a problem. Partly due I suspect to having an extremely bossy Siamese that thinks he’s a dog anyway!

    I’ll be following your blog with interest.

    Best wishes

  5. One day mine might be like that but not for a while. Once the cat has been fed she either goes out or sits on the landing away from the pups.

    I’m amazed at how they can be sound asleep in another room but as soon as I open the cat food they appear in the kitchen!

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